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Are you… 

Wanting to make REAL and lasting change in 2021?

Fed up with the perpetual struggle to get traction, to move forward and achieve more of what you desire in your life?

Fuelled by the best of intentions for yourself and everyone you wish to serve, but despite all your best efforts you’re still not where you wish to be?

Not totally sure you can do this on your own, without sacrifice and burnout?

Unsure of the best way to achieve the momentum you need to propel you forward?

I hear you!

On this 12 month programme, I will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-belief to attune you to a higher energetic frequency.

On having a sure and simple method of releasing the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns that keep you stuck each and every day, you will find yourself propelled along a magical path of creative upliftment and fulfilment. 

The dreams you’ve harboured for so long will be easily within reach, you will attract the results: the people, situations and circumstances, that will help you move forward on a tidal wave of love and joy.

You will learn the power of harnessing collective upbeat energy and detaching yourself from the outcome, knowing that your every wish is fulfilled just by being in the right energy to receive.

Hi, I am… 

Esther Apoussidis. I’m a fully qualified traditional and digital marketing professional, energy alignment coach and holistic therapist. I empower women, particularly those at a midlife crossroads, to break the habit of being stuck in life and find their true purpose.

I support my clients in creating or further developing their own unique Passionpreneur business to bring joy and expansion to their lives.

I have had the privilege of coaching women who have been stressed by financial lack, who have been paralysed by fear of making the wrong decision and taking the wrong fork in the road. I have helped them with a combination of energy and mindset work and newfound spirituality to trust in their own energy and instincts, to release what’s no longer serving them, to align to a high energy frequency and to trusting in a co-creative Universe to create clarity and to bring their plans, dreams and desires to fruition.

When my clients start to do so and let go of the need to be perfect and in control, the miracles unfold…


What is this Fabulous Membership?


This is a one of a kind membership that will take you on a spiritual journey to work on all areas of your energy, so that you can enter the Miracle Zone in 2021 to make manifest your dreams and aspirations. The Miracle Zone can only be accessed when you do the inner work around your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. So the programme is designed to give you monthly Zoom calls and group exercises to work on dismantling old, entrenched beliefs and any associated disempowering emotions that keep you stuck and unable to move majestically forward. Also, by working as a group we accelerate our rise in energy and strengthen our manifesting powers since low frequency rises up to match a high energetic frequency.

Teaser Preview: First Quarter 


Dream Your Miraculous Dream

Connecting you to the possibility that anything you desire can be made manifest. Designing a new vision for 2021.


Building A Firm Foundation of Self-Belief

Practising self-empowerment techniques to reduce doubt, overwhelm and fear of not being good enough.


Surrender to a Higher Force

Learning the art and courage of letting go of the need to know how and when. This is such a liberating exercise and deeply transformational.

What People Are Saying

I had what I called a bad run of luck for a number of years, and felt completely stuck in life. I had lost a great job, bounced from one new job to another for a couple of years, and then had tried to establish myself as a self-employed education consultant – but I felt like my life was going nowhere fast. Something seemed to be holding me back.

Working with Esther has been a revelation to me. I am now able to move forward and feel calmer and more confident. I have been able to release myself from some of my fears and limiting beliefs and feel so grateful for this experience. I now feel positive about my future for the first time in ages and I have already secured new assignments as a result. 

Gillian Forrester

Leadership & Life Coach

I love working with Esther on developing my goals. She is very patient but also very firm and gets to the point.

The Energy Alinement Method is an amazing experience. After every session I feel really energised.

Esther’s knowledge in marketing of what works and what doesn’t is a great help. She is so generous with her time…I can very much recommend working with her.




Viki Metzler

Illustrator & Cartoonist

I had my first EAM (Energy Alignment Method) session with Esther and I have to say it was fantastic. I wondered whether having to do it over Zoom would take anything away from it, but it definitely didn’t so if this has been holding you back, please don’t let it stop you.

Esther has an amazing way of making you feel at ease and helping you work through the process in a supportive way that really helps you get to the issue you are dealing with and using the method effectively. 

If you are in need of a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner to start or continue your EAM journey then you definitely need to speak to Esther. It’s been so powerful for me and will benefit all areas of my life. Thank you Esther.

Lisa Curtis

Authorised UW Partner & Property Investor

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